International Cooperation

The global community is filled with countries with unique combinations of cultures, languages, religions and people. But beyond the people, there are also a multitude of government structures, leadership styles and political stances that can either harm or improve diplomatic relations. In  the past, conflicts between countries have ended in bloodshed or peace. But today, these conflicts are miniscule in comparision to the modern day threat of terrorism that continues to rise with advancements in every aspect – physically and virtually.

The threat of modern day terrorism has taken the mainstage in our politics, news coverage and public concern. Breaching security, disrupting the status quo and causing chaos are just some of the many aims of terrorist groups. Regardless of religious, environmental, social or political cause, terrorist groups affect each and every country by affecting the environment we live in and threatening the peace of mind we desire as human beings.

While domestic issues and foreign conflicts continue to exist within our political spheres, some might suggest that they have taken the backburner while the existence of a terrorizing force still affects our societies. At the end of the day, the severity of a terrorist threat might be overblown by some leaders or governments for their own political gain, but the threat is still relevant today. With that being said, it is important that our countries come together to battle the threat to ensure the continuance of the global order. Rather than fighting each other, we should be combining forces to fend off terrorist groups. The only way we can defeat this common enemy is not against one another, but instead hand in hand.

So, how do nations with differing views and differing opinions come together for a common cause? That is a question with no right answer and no definite solution for all. But it is a question we must ask ourselves and our leadership so that progress in worldwide cooperation can continue. Whether it is a middle man bringing two opposing nations together or a common ground that will erect cooperation, a solution must be reached so that forces can be combined and the battle can be won in the end.

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