Crisis Management Conference

The conference will host top-tier renowned speakers, both on a civilian and military level, to discuss the provision of tools, knowledge, and exposure to various methodologies needed to face and overcome a crisis.

The Right Place, The Right Time, The Right People

Gen. Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon (Ret.)
Conference Chairman

This conference will top-tier, world-renowned speakers who will debate on the required coordination between civilian and military organizations to preserve stability during regional, national, and/or international crises.

We are proud to call Lt. Gen. Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon (Ret.) the conference chairman for this feature of the expo.

Between 2002-2005, Ya’alon served as the IDF Chief of the General Staff, between 2009-2013, he was Vice PM and Minister of Strategic Affairs, and was Israel’s Defense Minister from 2013 to 2016. Today, Ya’alon is the Chairman of Synaptech Capital.

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While most government, military, and defense industry individuals are aware that an emergency is a critical event, it can even go so far as to impinge on the life of a nation. A disaster, unless controlled, causes what is best characterized as ‘battle fog’ and a lack of information which will dramatically and negatively affect an organization, a country, and its people. This drastic disruption can suddenly change routines, hijack the daily lives of citizens, and even interrupt the ability of institutions to govern.

The importance of
preparing for crises
cannot be understated

Joint Cooperation

Most times, a crisis is sudden, catastrophic, and high intensity, and if an organization lacks the ability to immediately contain it, it can have calamitous results. In order to mitigate a disaster, minimize damages, and get back to business as soon as possible, a crisis needs to be anticipated and centrally managed. There must be joint cooperation amongst all parties working toward solving it.

With this in mind, the Crisis Management Conference will include debates and discourse on decision-making, selection of tools, acquisition of vital knowledge, and exposure to various methodologies needed to face and overcome an assortment of emergencies.

Presenters will include various world-renowned speakers who will participate in panel discussions, conduct special interviews, and proffer lectures on the follow main topics:

Facing the Next Crisis:
Assessing Risks and Challenges

This topic will review case studies in detail and include information on coordinating security response during emergencies. It will showcase new models, comprehensive solutions, and wide-ranging strategies in both local and global arenas, and examine ways for military and civil organizations to coordinate and achieve a high level of crisis management.

How to Anticipate, Prevent, and Counter Cyber-Security and Ransomware Attacks

To effectively contend and cope with a cyber-crisis, numerous preliminary preparations are crucial. Putting such actions in place prior to an attack will improve its management, mitigate damages, reduce negative ramifications, and shorten its duration.

Understanding and mastering how to
counter an attack

Despite all this, taking essential precautions is not always possible in the time leading up to an attack. Understanding and mastering how to counter an attack once it has already occurred is also of vital importance. As such, included in the seminar will be a demonstration of a ransomware crisis and coping strategies/solutions including: prevention, detection, containment, and recovery.

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