Food Sec&Tech Israel - June 27, 28, 29 - 2023


Tel-Hai College

Tel-Hai College is considered one of the leading public colleges in Israel and is a powerful engine of change for the educational, economic and social development of the Upper Galilee.

The MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Ltd

The MIGAL Galilee Research Institute Ltd is a regional Research and Development centre of the Israeli Science and Technology Ministry, owned by the Galilee Development Company ltd.

Prosolv Technologies

Prosolv provides technology and innovation from the development phase to the production line. The company plans and develops food products and nutritional supplements for manufacturers, start-ups and entrepreneurs, including manufacturer's license and plant planning.

Ministry of Economy and Industry

The Ministry of Economy and Industry is one of the Israeli government’s leading economic entities. The Ministry is helping develop and establish Israeli industry and expanding economic trade and cooperation with countries in the area.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for the planning and development of urbanization, land conservation, agriculture, and veterinary services. The office is divided into districts by geographical regions and provides information and services on foreign trade, planning, research, urbanization, and investment in agriculture.

Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, was created to provide various practical tools and funding platforms to effectively address the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems.

The Luzzatto Group

The Luzzatto Group offers clients a range of complementary services to maximize the value of their patents. The group with the IP division, includes Luzzatto and Luzzatto Patent Attorneys and The Luzzatto Law Firm, helps individuals, start-ups, companies, and multinational corporations protect their intellectual property.

Fraunhofer LZSiS

Fraunhofer Center for Secure Intelligent Systems (LZSiS) represents partners from research and development in connected production and Food production and the Fraunhofer Agriculture and Food Industry Alliance in Israel, creating collaboration with leading food-security ecosystems.

The Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI)

The Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI) has served as an umbrella organization for industrialists in Israel for more than 100 years and the MAI members represent the leading economic power in the nation.

FLORA Ventures

FLORA Ventures is a new early-stage fund identifying, backing and partnering with the best purpose-led entrepreneurs redefining the AgriFood & Sustainability industries. The fund's investment thesis is focused on the intersection of AgriFood with Planetary & Human Health underpinned by deep tech.

Israel AgriFoodTech Valley

Israel AgriFoodTech Valley is where academia, industry, and the private & public sectors join hands to revolutionize FoodTech & Agrotech.


Beyachad Foundation is dedicated to facilitating social mobility in Israel among the young and driving inclusive growth of diverse populations in the Galilee region and the rest of the country by investing in initiatives on the junction between education, technology and employment.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a global Foodtech incubator looking to impact the future of food, beverage, and nutrition. Formed by industry professionals and VCs, we provide an experienced, resourceful, and supportive international network to develop early-stage ideas and startups into maturity.

The Kitchen

Founded in 2015 by the Strauss-Group as a part of the Israeli Innovation Authority incubators' program, The Kitchen is a seed investor and a food tech-focused incubator. The Kitchen addresses global food challenges by harnessing Israel’s renowned innovation ecosystem.


PeakBridge is a FoodTech fund managed by food people. PeakBridge is a member of the Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity partnership and the only venture capital firm that is an official partner of the world’s largest Agri-Food innovation initiative, EIT Food.

The Foreign Trade Administration - Israel

The Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry manages and supports Israel’s international trade and trade policy. Headquartered in Jerusalem and together with 50 economic and trade missions in key financial centers throughout the world, the FTA promotes Israel’s economy worldwide.

Israel Export Institute

The Institute is a premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies. Established and funded by the Israeli government and private sector, IEICI’s expertise in technology and product scouting, joint ventures and strategic alliances with Israeli companies span over half a century.

Mekorot - National Water Company of Israel

The National Water Company of Israel and a global water brand, known for integrative management of all types of water in a uniform system and for the simultaneous treatment of sectors in the water economy and treated wastewater.

The Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute Israel (GFI Israel) is a science-based non-profit organisation that accelerates ground-breaking alternative protein research and innovation in Israel. The institute collaborates with scientific, governmental, and business partners to build a sustainable, healthy, and just global food system.

Margalit Startup City Galil

Margalit Startup City Galil combines Israel’s historic strength in food and agriculture with its international leadership in cutting-edge technologies.
By leveraging the natural assets of the region, our center is focused on establishing Israel as the next global epicenter for FoodTech.


Tnuva is an Israeli food creation and marketing company. The company holds in Israel a significant market share in the field of drinking milk production, dairy products and its marketing. It was for its first seventy years an Israeli food processing cooperative.

DANA Desert Alliance Accelerators

DANA, an Abu Dhabi-based venture builder and investment platform, supports women-led startups from the MENA region in sectors of desertech, including sectors of agrifood, sustainability, water solutions, renewable energy, and circular economy.


GrowingIL is a government Initiative of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Israel Innovation Authority, and the Israel Innovation Institute. GrowingIL aims to develop the Israeli Ag-Tech ecosystem and reshape Israeli agriculture, position Israel as a global hub for AgTech innovation.

Tiltan College

Tiltan College of Design and Visual Communications, based in Haifa, offers unique study tracks in the fields of graphic design, games, and application design & development, copywriting and advertising, animation, interior design, and photography.

Embassy of Switzerland in Israel

The embassy fosters collaboration in the areas of science, technology and education with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in terms of research and innovation. It promotes the exchange of ideas between scientific institutions and universities.

Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is the largest binational chamber in Israel and the exclusive local representative of the Washington, DC-based U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business organisation with over 3 million members.

The Trendlines Group

The Trendlines Group, a leading Israel and Singapore-based investment group invests in innovations in agrifood and healthcare, leveraging their experience, partnerships network, and resources to go from seed to market.

The Manna Center Program

The Manna Center Program seeks to harness Israeli innovation and knowledge and promote Tel Aviv University’s breakthrough research in the fight toward a more food-secure world. The Program works in three complementary spheres of activity: Teaching, Research, and Outreach. The approach of the Program is to bring together different disciplines and sectors to ensure a more food-secure future.

Mérieux Nutrisciences

With over 50 years of scientific and entrepreneurial expertise from our mother company Mérieux Nutrisciences, Milouda & Sher Consulting & Training offer comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of food technology companies, including sensory evaluations and advanced analytical tests, as well as Regulatory Affairs, Sustainability, Food Safety and Quality consulting services.


PlantArcBio is a public Ag-Bio company [TASE: PLNT], with an innovative and IP protected Direct-In-Plant (DIP™) discovery platform; with our platform, we discover & develop novel genes that has positive effects on plants, such as yield improvement, drought resistance and herbicide & insects tolerance. We license our genes to large seeds and crop protection companies. Among our strategic collaborators are ICL, KWS, Rallis, Gadot Agro, Seach Medical Group, Rallis and more.

The Tel Hai Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

The Tel Hai Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center was established in 2014 with the aim of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among students, graduates and faculty members. three years ago, the Entrepreneurship Center joined the University of Haifa and ORT Braude College to establish a Northern Association for Innovation and Entrepreneurship as part of the Innovation Program of the Council for Higher Education.

The Modern Agriculture Foundation

The Modern Agriculture Foundation is committed to the emergence of more efficient food systems with minimal environmental impact and reduced cruelty. MAF promotes Foodtech research and development, entrepreneurship and innovation with an emphasis on the alternative proteins sector. Active locally and globally, MAF supports Foodtech startups and leads the Middle East's only alternative proteins accelerator.