The Threat Within: Right Wing Terrorism in the US

The phenomenon of Right-Wing extremism and its accompanied terrorism is one that has not been nearly as studied and analyzed as the rise of Islamic terrorism. With its global, far reaching implications and prominence all around the world, Islamic terrorism dominates the headlines and the field of counter terrorism. However, within the United States, the […]

Terror in the Online World

The technological evolution of the 20th century has brought about advancements that have forever changed society. The creation of the online world and the ability of people to live virtually has become a growing trend, repositioning civilization from reality into the online form. However, no technology is perfect and no civilization is without flaws, therefore some […]

International Cooperation

The global community is filled with countries with unique combinations of cultures, languages, religions and people. But beyond the people, there are also a multitude of government structures, leadership styles and political stances that can either harm or improve diplomatic relations. In  the past, conflicts between countries have ended in bloodshed or peace. But today, […]

Not only a Treaty Obligation, but a service to Humanity to invest in Security

Instability, conflict and organized crime are self-explanatory obstacles and deterrents for the spread of foreign direct investments and other forms of trade. Any rational investor wouldn’t want to expose their capital to unnecessary risks. According to the World Development report of 2011, it is estimated that around 1.5 billion people live in countries affected by […]

Homeland security versus civil liberties

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ are three among many unalienable rights intended for all human beings regardless of creed. These civil liberties are the rights and freedoms of individuals that governments are required to uphold. Some of the most basic, and yet controversial, are freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of […]

Asymmetrical Warfare: Guerilla Conflicts and Insurgency

Since World War II, the days of bloody conflict between sovereign nations seems to be in the past. Democracies are able to solve their problems democratically and more unified world order has created a system in which countries do not go to war with each other. However, conflict still exists primarily in the form of […]

Cyber Threats: Terrorist Use of the Internet

Cyber-terrorism is a real threat to the countless countries facing the ever expanding war on terror. However, the general and immediate concern is not attacks in cyber infrastructure or hacking attempts. Those should not be ignored, but the reality is that terrorist organizations are using the internet to spread propaganda, justify attacks, fundraise, recruit, and […]

Intelligence, Drones, and Targeted Strikes: The Future of Warfare

Since the late stages of the 2000s, targeted killings have long been a central strategy of many in the west, including US and Israeli counterterrorism operations. As a way to take out High-Value Targets (HVT) without endangering the lives of ground troops, it has been a popular tactic among the populations of the west. Targeted […]

Borders & Profiling

The borders of a nation are crucial in the security and survival of that nation. These borders determine the boundaries of jurisdiction, the civilian population under that law, the relationship with its neighbors, among other purposes. However, these borders every so often are compromised by other factors, for example wars and conflicts. The present threat […]

Terrorism Fundraising

The ability to raise funds and develop financial networks has been a key strategy of many terrorist organizations. Despite the fact that most terrorist acts are relatively cheap and carried out by individuals, organizations are still developing new ways to make money. Moreover, the rise of the “hybrid terrorist” organization has created an even greater […]

Defending Mainframes

The ability to store bulk data in one central mainframe presents a unique challenge to countering cyber-attacks. By storing data in one location, it prevents would be attackers from sneaking in through weak spots, back doors, and less secure access points. Moreover, if an attack or breech does occur, tracking through cyber forensic methods is […]